Is Your Home Ready for the Back to School Season?

Now that school is in session, it’s time to get your home organized!

Where has the summer gone? With the new school year already in full force in Lake Forest, California, it’s time to get the home decluttered and refocused! As you get your kids ready and organized for school, consider doing the same with your home. Not only does an ordered home feel more inviting, but removing distractions can improve your child’s focus.


Get the big picture

It’s best to concentrate on organizing your activities before you start on the rest of the household items. A family calendar will ease this process by enabling a visual representation of plans, activities that are going on, and important events not to forget. This will help you from colliding your work meeting with your kid’s hockey tournament.

No more hoarding

Eliminate as much unnecessary clutter as possible! If you haven’t used an item this year, it is time to get rid of it. This can mean donating it to a charity, or holding a yard sale at the weekend. Be sure to go through boxes in the garage, closets, and drawers to find the junk that you can do without.

Restock essentials

Now that you have a tidy home, you can gather all school supplies and replace what is missing. Ensuring that your child has enough pens, pencils, the correct mathematics supplies will ease your child into the new school year. Have your kids try on their school uniform to make sure that they have enough room for growth throughout the upcoming year.

Create a study space

Set a designated place where kids can do their homework if you haven’t already. This should be well-lit, quiet, and away from the TV and other distractions.

Be consistent

Set yourself up for success by completing the above steps, and continue progressing throughout the year. Get your kids involved by dedicating one day a month to remove clutter and tidy the home. When everything has a place, your home will feel happier!

Review coverage

Now is a good time to review your homeowners insurance policy to secure quality protection. So that you can focus on setting your child up for success at school, homeowners insurance can put your mind at ease. At Covenant Direct, our trusted professionals provide homeowners coverage tailored for you and your family. Contact us today!

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