Misfuelling: What to Do When Your Car Has the Wrong Gas

If you picked up the wrong gas pump, here’s how to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

Today’s gas pumps are a potentially confusing array of names, colors, and symbols. In turn, it’s a lot easier than you think to pick up the wrong handle and fill your car up with the incorrect fuel. Gasoline comes in five or more varieties, and that doesn’t account for diesel. Mix them up and the results may range from a ruined engine to corroded fuel lines. Either way, misfuelling can be extremely expensive to recover from. Whether you notice right after topping up your tank or when your car splutters to a halt on the road, instead of panicking, here’s what to do!


Alert others

If you accidentally fill up your car with the wrong type of fuel but realize before setting off, tell the petrol strain, your insurer, and your breakdown company as soon as possible. If you can avoid it, don’t turn on the ignition to drive to a safe spot. If you’re on the road and your car splutters to a stop, pull over to a safe area.

Calculate the wrong fuel in the tank

If you only topped off your car with the wrong fuel (less than 10 percent of your tank has the incorrect gas), you may be able to drive off without any problems. Any more and the tank will need to be drained, flushed, and replenished by a mechanic.

Call your roadside assistance company

Many auto insurers offer a ‘roadside assistance’ option to add to a policy. This service will recover you and your car when you need it most – this includes picking up the wrong fuel pump! Calling your insurer and breakdown service pronto will minimize the amount of damage to your car!

Now that you know what to do when you misfuel, it’s time to protect your car on and off the roads. For all of your auto insurance needs in Lake Forest and neighboring cities in California, contact the professionals at Covenant Direct!

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