If you picked up the wrong gas pump, here’s how to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

Today’s gas pumps are a potentially confusing array of names, colors, and symbols. In turn, it’s a lot easier than you think to pick up the wrong handle and fill your car up with the incorrect fuel. Gasoline comes in five or more varieties, and that doesn’t account for diesel. Mix them up and the results may range from a ruined engine to corroded fuel lines. Either way, misfuelling can be extremely expensive to recover from. Whether you notice right after topping up your tank or when your car splutters to a halt on the road, instead of panicking, here’s what to do!


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Now that school is in session, it’s time to get your home organized!

Where has the summer gone? With the new school year already in full force in Lake Forest, California, it’s time to get the home decluttered and refocused! As you get your kids ready and organized for school, consider doing the same with your home. Not only does an ordered home feel more inviting, but removing distractions can improve your child’s focus.


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